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Below is the Quake Virtual DJ Turbo search Utility. The Turbo Search utility is designed to find tracks fast. The utility is available at all times by Clicking the Search Button Located beneath the Tracks Display

Turbo Search

About the Turbo Search Utility. The Quake Virtual DJ Turbo Search Utility is a full function search engine dedicated to finding tracks fast

Turbo Search is simple to use. All that needs to be done to do a default search is enter a string of characters into the “Search String” box, then Click the Search button. However, by selecting an option in the “Search For” panel, you can search for a Track Name (default), an Artist Name, an Album Name or a Genre Name.

In addition, you can further refine your search by adding additional data such as Year, Hi Pos and or a BPM value to include in the search criteria.

Display By Track Title - Artist Check Box. As an aid to readability, by Ticking the Display By Track Title - Artist Check box, you can reverse the order Quake Virtual DJ uses to display track titles.

Once the search is completed (Cancel the search at any time by clicking STOP), Selected entries can either be copied directly into the Play Queue or indirectly via the Customer Request Dialog.

In common with many Quake Virtual DJ utilities, for convenience a virtual keyboard is provided for mouse use as an alternative to the keyboard.


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