Tracks Display

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Below is the Tracks Display which lists the results of filtering by the three Selection Lists

Tracks Display

About The Tracks Display List - The tracks display list displays the results of filtering performed by the Selection Lists. The List displays Track Title, Date, Hi Pos, BPM, Main Genre and the Total Track Play Time. For Reference, the Current Selection Criteria and the number of tracks found are also Displayed above the list.

Sorting - Clicking on any of the column headers sorts the list by that column.

Mouse Actions within the list -
Left Click: Selects a track. (You Can Hold Down Ctrl to select multiple tracks)
Left Double Click: Adds the selected track to the play queue.
Right Click: Displays a complete list of all Genres defined for the track together with how the track Starts and Ends. (Please See Below)
Command Buttons
Add To Queue: Adds All selected Files to the Play Queue
Add As Request: Opens The Customer Requests dialog
Search: Starts the Turbo Search Utility.



The image to the left shows the Complete List of Genres defined for the selected track, together with how the track starts and ends.

This handy information can be invaluable for deciding on a suitable track to include in the play queue.

Mouse Actions within the Genre list -
Left Double Clicking a Genre in the list automatically selects that Genre in the Genres Selection List and re filters the Display.