Track Transfer

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Shown Below is the track transfer utility. This utility manages the final stage of importing tracks into the data base. You can use the functions available to make any last minute changes to your tracks prior to actually moving them iinto the data base.

Track Transfer

About The Track Transfer Utility - Simple To Use, The Track Transfer Utility manages the final stage of importing your tracks into the Quake Data Base. You can easily make any last minute changes to your file names, define Artists, Albums, Genres, dates etc. and also convert any 16 bit wave files to Mp3.

Moving your files to the Data base - When you click the Move To Data Base button, Quake first checks each selected for validity of entries, warning you where appropriate, then begins to move each track into the main Quake Data base. As each track is moved, If required, according to each entry in the Artist, Album and Genre columns, Quake also creates all necessary references and folders automatically.