Session List

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 Music Mixing & Management System.


Shown Below is the Session List. The Session List is responsible for keeping a detailed time stamped record of when and how tracks are played in the current session.

Session List

If you have ever hosted an impromptu music party when your selection of music and mixing skills seemed to go through the roof, and thought, If I had played certain track differently, I could not only reproduce that atmosphere again, but improve on it too ?

Shown to the left is the solution, The Session List. The Session List is responsible for recording all the information needed to create precisely timed Play Lists called Group Play Lists.

By using the Session List, you can create precisely timed Play Lists directly from a live performance, then use the Group Play List Edit Utility to fine tune each element of the list prior to Auto Playing the List.

When these Play List are replayed using Automatic Play, they are designed to precisely mimic the original live performance

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