Selection Lists

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 Music Mixing & Management System.

Displayed Below are the Quake Virtual DJ Specialized Selection Lists.


Selection Lists

Description - The Track Selection Lists comprises of logically Interconnected Selection Lists, Comprising of Genre, Artists And Albums. Each time an item is selected in a list, Quake Filtering algorithms Operate displaying the results in the Tracks Display.
Logically Interconnected: The three lists can operate separately or as a single unit. Selecting items in more than one list tells Quake to filter the tracks displayed according to the selections.
Colour Coded: To aid readability, The Artist and Album lists are also colour coded as follows...
YELLOW = a filtered list is being displayed. (Flashing Caption Above List)
GREEN = The full list is being displayed. (All Artists Or All Albums clicked)

Simple To Use - No Typing required, Just Click and Go !

Navigation - Selecting a letter or number in one of the combos below the lists navigates to that position in the respective list.

Command Buttons
All Artists or All Albums - Cancels filtering and displays the whole list.
Information Balloons - Clicking on any of the Info balloons below the lists, Allows you to add textual and pictorial profiles to each and every Artist And Album on the data Base - Please Click Here For More Information.