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Quake Virtual D.J.©

 Music Mixing & Management System.

Shown Below is the Versatile Quake Virtual DJ Play Queue.

Play Queue

About The Quake Play Queue - The Play Queue forms a List of Tracks that are intended to be played at a future time. The Total Play Time for the contents of the list is automatically calculated, and displayed in hours, minutes and seconds above the list. 

Populating The List - There are several ways to populate the Play Queue with tracks; from the Tracks Display, from the Turbo Search Utility, from the Request Dialog or from The Play List Manager. Whatever method you choose to use, all that’s requires to add tracks to the list is a simple click of a button.

Powerful Sorting - Once tracks are within the list, by simply clicking on a column header, Quake allows you to sort the list by Original Track Position, Alpha - Numeric Track Position, Date, Hi Pos and even BPM value. 

 Additional Functions - By Clicking the buttons beneath the list, you can Cut tracks, Change Track positions or Start Auto Play Edit to edit the actual track data file.