Play List Manager

Quake Virtual D.J.©

 Music Mixing & Management System.


Displayed below is a screen shot of the Quake Virtual DJ Playlist Manager. The Quake Virtual DJ Play List Manager has all the tools needed to easily maintain and edit an effective play list archive. 

Play List Manager

Two selection lists are provided to access or create your play lists structure, and one to display the the actual contents. As with all the Quake Virtual DJ interfaces, the logical and intuitive design makes it so simple to use.

Loading a Play list is a simple matter of selecting a Category from Categories List, Selecting the desired Play list from the Play List List, and then clicking the “Load” button.

Saving a Play list is just as simple. Play lists can either be created from the contents of The Play Queue or from the contents of the Session List. In both cases, all that needs to be done to create a new playlist is to create or select a Category, type in a name for the play list, then Click the “Save” button. Job Done !

Play List Manager + Requests

Creating / Renaming or Deleting a Play list or Play List Category. Simple ! , Select the List Item, then Click the appropriate button beneath the list.

Deleting an individual track entry. Depending upon the type of play list displayed, you can delete individual elements of a play list simply by selecting the element and then clicking the Delete button beneath the List.

Requested Tracks List. The Requested Tracks list is a special automatically generated Play List derived from Customer Requests, it’s function is to maintain a list of Requested Tracks. By Clicking “View Requested Tracks List”, You can see at a glance, the most popular requested tracks to date. As you can see from the image to the left, you have a variety of options at your disposal.