New Version 1.1.4

Quake Virtual D.J.©

 Music Mixing & Management System.


Apart from several enhancements and new additions appearing (a few are listed below), much time has been expended field testing the program to rid the application of any remaining gremlins. We are now confident that All but the most trivial of gremlins have now been Eradicated for good.

Play Queue

  • Now Displays Track Name, Date, BPM, Hi Pos and New to 1.1.4, the Primary Genre or Track Duration. A New Button is provided to the top   right of the queue. Clicking the button toggles the display between Track Timings or Primary Genre.
  • The Play Queue can now be Sorted by Column by clicking on a column header. By Toggling the Track Name Column, sorting can be either by Original list Position or Alpha - Numeric position.
  • Now displays Total Play time of All tracks within the Queue in hours, minutes and seconds. Selecting an individual track displays the Track Play Time above the list.

Tracks Display

  • Two New Columns now appear in the list. The list now also displays the Primary Genre and the Track Duration in minutes and seconds.
  • Right clicking on a track Displays All Genres defined for the track as well as Track Start and End Information.

Genre/Artist And Album Selection Lists

  • Right clicking anywhere within a list now Clears All Selections in that list.
  • Selecting an item in any of the lists, now Automatically Scrolls the list ensuring the selected entry is always visible.

Play List Manager

For Convenience, Play list manager can now also be Launched from Within the Data Manager.

Group Play Lists

Group Play List creation and editing has been re-coded, resulting in much more editing flexibility and precision when Auto - Playing a Grp list.

Track Search

A New Check Box is provided to "Reverse" the display from Artist - Track Title to Track Title - Artist. This enhancement not only Improves Readability but also allows for Sorting by the Track Title as well as The Artist name.

Artist / Album Profiles

A New Picture box has been added to the right of both the Artist and Album profile dialog, enabling a graphic be included with each profile

Info Centre

As with Artist / Album Profiles, you can now add a graphic to each and every text file. 


Panning/fade Speed: we have reduced the lowest available auto panning speed by a factor of 2, thereby allowing for Smoother and More Prolonged auto fade-in/outs

Auto - Pan has also been re- coded resulting in Much Smoother and Precise volume changes when Panning from Deck to Deck.

Auto fade has been Enhanced to allow for Manual Operation. Clicking the "PRESS TO SPEAK" button activates the auto-fade over decks 1 and two (Just Like hardware driven systems)

Track Duration Errors Addressing a re - occurring problem with incorrect computing of track duration (Due to bad or corrupted mp3 header information etc), Quake Virtual DJ now successfully repairs the majority of these on the fly

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