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Please click on the appropriate link to download Quake Virtual DJ Demo. After clicking on the link you will be prompted to open, save, or cancel your download. We recommend that you select the SAVE button allowing you to have control over the download at any time.

If you have selected to save to your local hard drive, please give the download time to complete. Download times will vary depending on your Internet connection and traffic at our Web site.

If you experience difficulties retrieving this downloadable Demo of Quake Virtual DJ, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@wmsoftdev.co.uk.

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications.

  • A Pc Installed with Windows XP.
  • Intel Pentium 300MHz CPU (above Recommended)
  • 125 mb of System Memory.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (1280 x 1024 Recommended)
  • 1GB Available hard disc Space.
  • A Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card.

The Demo Version Of Quake Virtual DJ you are about to download is NOT a cut down version of the Quake Virtual DJ program. All functions within Quake are freely available for you to try with the following Two limitations.

  • The combination Of Sound Bites And Tracks within Quake Virtual DJ cannot exceed 30 files In Total.
  • Track loading into the Play Decks toggles on / off every 15 minutes.

Quake Virtual DJ 1.1.4 With P.F.L. Demo Version

 Quake Virtual DJ_1_1_4


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