Quake Virtual D.J.©

 Music Mixing & Management System.

Shown Below is one of the two Quake Virtual DJ Streaming Track Play Decks and information displays.

Streaming Decks

About the Quake Streaming Play Decks - logical, intuitive and bursting with information, the twin audio streaming track play decks offer unrivaled user feed back, ease of use and automation.

Text Displays - Each time a track is loaded into either of the Play Decks, detailed user defined Information about the individual track (Entered in Auto Play Edit or Data Manager) is automatically loaded into a track info box above the deck for reference. Information includes Year, Highest Chart Position, BPM Value, Genres, Artist Names, Album Names, together with any specific comments added. Additionally, as an aid for deciding which fade type to employ to start the track, how the track starts / ends is also displayed directly above.

Play State Indicators - As each track plays, user feed back is supplied at all time via both a count down in seconds of remaining track play time and a progress bar to give a precise view of the currently playing track progress. Additional visual feedback comes by way of the animated colour coded disc to the left of the deck. 

Automation - Three Track Start options buttons are provided to fully automate the process of starting a track - Part fade, Dub or Pan fade, the speed of each fade is also fully adjustable by setting the Pan Speed Slider in Controls giving maximum control over track starts.

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