Data Manager

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 Music Mixing & Management System.


Below is the Quake Virtual DJ Music Data Manager. The Data Manager forms the hub of all things to do with setting up, editing and managing your track and sound bite data bases. Logical and intuitive in design, the Data Manager is packed with all the tools needed to design and edit a fully customized music data base structure.

Data Manager

The Data Manager consists of two main inter connected display lists and sub lists, and an array of utility launch buttons to the right. It’s logical and intuitive design makes data management a breeze.

Full Create / Edit / Delete / Rename facilities for all tracks / sound bites and references (Associations).

The list to the far top left displays all Genres, Artists or Albums (Associations) currently defined, the central list displays detailed information about all tracks contained within the data base. Selecting a track from the list, displays all the defined associations in the three associations Sub lists below.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily add / delete / reorder up to ten Genres, Artists and or Albums either singly or as a batch, or by clicking the Edit button, bring up the “Edit File” dialog (As Shown Below !) to edit / delete or rename an individual track. Once changes are saved (by simply closing the manager !) they are made available for use by the Main Consul Selection Lists and Tracks Display filtering algorithms.

Data manager +Track Edit

The Edit File Dialog. With the Edit File Dialog you can edit data contained within the actual Info file associated with the track. As you can see in the image, you can set year, month, Hi Pos, and BPM values, track start and end data, as well as display text. An on screen virtual keyboard is also provided to allow editing solely with a mouse as an alternative to using an actual keyboard.

Unify Volume button (Track Maximization). Clicking on this button starts a powerful and very useful function. All Tracks contained within the data base are automatically analyzed, and given a volume setting in decibels which is displayed in the box below the button. This unique and effective Quake Virtual DJ function eliminates the need to constantly adjust volume levels of individual tracks whilst playing live.

Count BPM. Using the SPACE bar, you can tap in time with the beat of the selected track. Quake Virtual DJ displays the calculated BPM value in the BPM box. Setting BPM values for your tracks is very useful, not only as a guide to tempo, but also as an additional (speed) field to sort / filter / search by.

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