CD Import

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Shown Below is the versatile CD Track Import Utility.


CD Import

The days of hunting down a CD, finding the right track, and having only two or three hundred tracks to choose from are gone! With your Desktop/Tower PC, a large hard disk (external USB or internal), you can replace not only your CD players and Jingle Machines; you can eliminate the need for cases of CDs and vinyl, and take up less space than you ever imagined. With A 80. GB capacity hard disk you could store in excess of 400 hours of high quality music; equating to some 12,000 tracks (twelve thousand ! !).
Manually adding 12,000 tracks to the data base would be a daunting task if it were not for the CD Import Utility and Track Import Manager. Both utilities offer a very high degree of automation; with the CD Import utility for instance, individual tracks or whole CDs can be Imported directly to individual Mp3 files; or by using the Track Import Manager, tracks can be imported as a batch from, for instance, your download file folder.
The top right panel displays at a glance information about how the Mp3 file will be created. All of the parameters shown in the list can easily be adjusted in Quake Virtual DJ Configuration to suit your personal preferences.
Damaged CD’s : The Quake Virtual DJ CD track import utility can even import tracks from moderately damaged CD’s, therefore, if your CD jumps or sticks due to scratches etc, it is quite likely that Quake Virtual DJ will still be able to read and import the damaged tracks.

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