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 Music Mixing & Management System.


Shown below is the combined Track Information Setting, Reference Setting & Auto Play Parameter Setting utility. The Utility is started with a single click of the Edit button beneath the Play Queue

Track Data Editing

Simple to use, the utility allows On the Fly editing of information about any track in the Play Queue

Three panels provided allowing you to edit data for the following:-.

Information to be displayed when you load a track into either Play Deck You can set year, month, hi position, bpm and general display text along with track start / end data.

Genre, Artist & Album Associations. You can Add, delete or reorder genres, artists or albums, all changes are immediately reflected the Selection Lists filtering process to suit.

Auto Play Parameter Settings.

If a Fade Out position for the track is set, Quake Virtual DJ uses the track duration minus the setting you specify as a start position. Similarly, if a Fade In position is set, Quake Virtual DJ uses the already playing track duration in the same fashion, monitors the respective track play position while it actually plays, finally starting the next track at the correct time, with your desired fade type and speed.

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