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What is Quake Virtual DJ with PFL ?

Quake Virtual DJ is ground breaking in concept (hence the name “Quake”). It is a Full featured Multi Deck D.J. Studio with powerful Data base management, Playlist management, File import management and outstanding mixing capabilities, dedicated to professionally mixing, storing and playing Mp3 audio tracks in a live environment.

What’s different about Quake Virtual DJ ?

A growing perception is that the days of D.J’s simply banging out the same monotonous beat may soon be a thing of the past, with customers preferring to book a chatty entertaining D.J., one who not only has a cross section of music spanning several decades available, but also can demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the music they play too. Therefore, in contrast with other applications of this genre, in addition to providing outstanding sound quality and mixing capabilities, another major conceptual consideration in the Quake design is it's ability to store and retrieve vast amounts of textual and graphical based information for the user to reference at the click of a mouse button.

In contrast to hardware setups requiring vast amounts of space, (and usually a squad of body builders to help carry the kit into the venue !) a small table with a computer and a mixer(optional) is all that is needed for your set up. By using the advanced track search and selection lists provided in Quake, you can pull up music easily, quickly, and mix it professionally. By eliminating the time wasted hunting down a track on those redundant CDs and vinyl, you can spend much more time being entertaining and personable with your customers.

With Quake, the days of hunting down a CD, finding the right track, and having just two or three hundred tracks to choose from are gone! With a Desktop/Tower PC, a large hard disk (external USB or internal), you can not only replace CD players, Record Decks and Jingle Machines; you can also completely eliminate the need to carry cases of CDs and vinyl into your venue. With A 80 GB capacity hard disk for instance, you could store in excess of 400 hours of high quality music; easily equating to more than 12,000 tracks to choose from.

Locating a track with Quake has never been easier or faster; three custom track selection lists allow selection by genre, artist or album name; or for that elusive track, the blisteringly fast and flexible turbo search utility will locate even the most obscure track in just seconds. In most cases the track can be located and ready to play with just 2 mouse clicks. Customers notice this, and subconsciously may see you as more gifted than those still fumbling around looking for a track on a CDs or vinyl.

Who Would Benefit From Using Quake Virtual DJ ?

Quake Virtual DJ was first designed with the professional D.J. in mind, however, since the programs first beta appearance in 2007, development aimed primarily at user friendliness has resulted in a powerful yet easy program to master. Suitable for amateurs, professionals, or anyone seeking a compact, structured and effective method of professionally displaying, mixing and playing music in a live environment. Regardless of where your live environment is, whether it be The Albert Hall, a night club or your own living room at home, you will soon discover just how good Quake Virtual DJ is at helping you sound just great.

Stability, Hardware Friendliness and Reliability at the heart of the design:

Quake Virtual DJ is robust and dependable, a major design consideration of Quake was to produce a "bomb proof" application. Quake won’t crash or complain every time you do or enter something unexpected.

By far, the most common cause of computer failures can be tracked down to faults within worn out Hard drives, therefore the Quake Virtual DJ software accesses hard drives only when absolutely necessary. This arrangement ensures that the likelihood of Hardware failures is kept to an absolute minimum.

Easy To Use:

You won't need a computer science degree to use Quake Virtual DJ. If you know how to type your name using a computer keyboard and how to use a mouse; Quake`s vast array of internal wizards will help to do the rest. Although Quake Virtual DJ is simple to use; don't make the mistake of thinking that it lacks power. The Quake Virtual DJ design helps amateurs and semi - professionals sound like professionals and professionals sound absolutely sensational.

Dual Streaming Track Play Decks And Information Displays:  

Quake Virtual DJ’s streaming track play decks offer unrivaled feedback and control over track starts. In addition to manual deck starts; at the click of a button, three other functions are provided to fully automate deck panning and fading on deck starts. As an aid to "D.J. patter"; sited above each deck are scrolling text displays; "Free text" of any practical length can be displayed for each track when loaded. The displays even indicate how each track will start and end.

Quake Virtual DJ employs a custom track play error prevention system. This helps to reduce the likelihood of continuity errors from occurring by intercepting potentially embarrassing decisions (sudden silence at the speakers for instance) with a "Continue or Cancel" dialog.

Screen Shot

Dedicated Sound Bite / Jingles Play Deck:

Quake Virtual DJ‘s unique sound bite & jingle player allows the inclusion of broadcasting type pre- recorded sound bites into your program list; the player is equipped with Auto fade depth and fade speed functions operating over the two track play decks; providing maximum control over how the sound bite is played in a live performance. You can also activate the auto fade function manually by clicking the “Press To Speak” Button on the right of the consul. The player also allows definition of up to 5 instant play favorites buttons; and in common with the track play decks, P.F.L.(Head Phone) facilities and independent volume controls are provided.

Screen Shot

Headphone Support (Pre Fade Listening)

Quake Virtual DJ allows you to use an extra sound card for Cue, or Previewing, a sound file. You can use this feature to assist with beat mixing (fading two songs together on-beat), or for simply previewing a song before playing it live. Many DJs use their P.c. built-in sound for previewing (since the quality of the internal audio chip is often lacking in sound quality), and a secondary higher quality audio device for their main mix. This configuration allows you the flexibility you are used to with dual CD decks and an external mixer; just like a real mixer, the P.F.L. monitor function routes its output to the headphone output (e.g: to the other Sound Card)

Screen Shot

Pop Quiz V1.1(beta)

Recognizing the fact that a data base structure such as Quake, could be an excellent source for a quiz like program, Pop Quiz V1 was born. Pop Quiz V1.1 is a versatile Pop Quiz manager and draws on the Quake tracks database. Pop Quiz V1.1 "splices" randomly selected track snippets, Inserts a musical segment separator between each segment (Mixer) , plays the resulting file as a continuous "snippets chain", and finally displays a Suitable Question to ask the audience.

  • Single or multiple snippets play
  • Textual only questions supported.
  • Unlimited Elements
  • Full question and answer review and/or replay

In common with other functions in Quake Virtual DJ, Pop Quiz V1.1 's design is intuitive and logical, making it suitable for use by amateurs and professionals alike

Screen Shot

CD Ripping and Audio File import:

Manually adding 12,000 tracks to a database would be a daunting task if it were not for the CD ripping and file import utilities. Both utilities offer a high degree of automation; with the CD Ripper, whole CD’s can be ripped directly to individual Mp3 files; or tracks imported as a batch from any file folder on the computer. The ripper can even import tracks from moderately damaged CD’s which jump, stick or refuse to play at all on conventional CD players.

Screen Shot

CD Burning:

Worried about loosing your valuable Mp3 files ? well, worry no more. You can burn your favorite tracks to CD using the CD Burn utility. All you need to do to create a Compilation CD is select the tracks In Data Manager of interest, then click the Burn button.

 Screen Shot

Full Function Data Manager:

After importing your music collection onto the database, Quake Virtual DJ provides a powerful data manager to edit and process your tracks data. You can easily import new tracks, define new genres, artists and albums, edit track names, print reports and lots more...

Screen Shot

Global Track Volume Unification:

Unique to Quake Virtual DJ, you can globally unify output volume levels of all tracks in the database to a preset value; totally removing the need for constant volume adjustments. Unlike some competitors offering the Normalization technique in their products, Quake uses the Maximization technique which has been proven to be substantially superior in performance.

Play List Manager:

A full function play- list manager allows saving and loading of your play- lists at a click of a button, each track in a play- list is loaded in the same play order as it was first saved; ensuring that you can re-create "the magic" of a good gig. Unique to Quake Virtual DJ, another kind of play- list called a group Play- List can be saved and loaded. This kind of play- list is designed for use with "Auto Play"; when a group play- list is saved, timing, fade type, speed and other information is saved along with the play- list. When auto played, playback sounds just like a taped recording of the live performance; the difference being that each segment of the play list can be fully edited to suit. The Play- list manager also includes another unique feature called the Requested Track List which is automatically updated each time a customer requests a track to be played, enabling an at a glance guide to the most popular tracks played to date.

Screen Shot

Genre, Artist and Album Profiling

Quake Virtual DJ allows you to create and edit individual text and pictorial profiles/definitions for each and every Genre, Artist or Album on the data base. Displaying the information is as simple as selecting the item your interested in, and clicking on the Information balloon below the selection list in question

Screen Shot

Info Centre

The Info Centre is an index driven internal text file editor where you can store just about any information you may like to refer to later. creating a new text file using the editor is as simple as (a) Create a Category (b) Create A Topic (c) Create A Title and (d) Start Typing. You may find it handy for storing lengthy or difficult to remember jokes, quips, trivia and the such like.

Screen Shot

Powerful Automatic Play with 4 modes:

In addition to manual (Live) play control , Quake Virtual DJ Provides 4 distinctly different auto play modes

  • Quake (default) - this mode seamlessly mixes each track in the play queue.
  • Juke Box - In this mode, Quake Virtual DJ operates like a Standard Juke box.
  • Preview - Preview mode scans the entire tracks database and randomly plays a snippet of each track; this mode can be handy for "wetting the appetite" of your customers.
  • Group - Accurately Mimics a Live Performance by recording and playing back a sequence of timed events
  • Play- list Scheduling - Quake Virtual DJ allows you to set a timer to begin Automatic play completely unattended. If you are a broadcaster, you won't even have to be in the studio to start your show.

Quake Virtual DJ Is Recording Rights and Royalties Compliant:

For Recording Rights considerations, Quake Virtual DJ can automatically keep a printable time and date stamped log of all tracks played for each day.

How Much Will the Unrestricted Version of Quake Virtual DJ 1.1.4 Cost ?

Quake Virtual DJ 1.1.4 is realistically priced at 69 EUR for a single computer license and 20 EUR for each additional license. While other DJ software may cost anywhere from 200 up to 800 EUR, Quake Virtual DJ offers more power and features for much less money. Many of Quake Virtual DJ’s features are unique, and more new features will appear in the future.

Can I try it first ?

You have the freedom to test it in your own time, without being bombarded by e-mails bugging you to make a purchase. If you are considering purchasing the full version of Quake Virtual DJ, we encourage you to try our Demo Version first, enabling you to make an informed decision.

We do NOT want you to purchase our product only to find that it does not suit your particular needs. By taking advantage of our Demo Version, you can ensure that Quake Virtual DJ is everything you expect it to be. This avoids wasting both our time and yours, as well as keeping costs low. Try before you buy is our motto.

If the Demo version provides what you need, all you need to do to is to select "Activation Request" from the Main Mixing Consul menu to begin the ball rolling to purchase the Unrestricted Version of the program. If not, nothing is lost and no harm is done (our software is guaranteed to be free of ad-ware, spy-ware, and viruses).

Quake Virtual DJ 1.1.4 Downloads

Warning - Warning: We do NOT Authorize Third Party Vendors to sell our products. If you find our products (Apart from Free Demo’s) on other sites or online auctions, They Are Pirated Versions. DO NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY !!