Quake Virtual D.J.©

 Music Mixing & Management System.


WM Software Development are proud to announce The release of Quake Virtual DJ Version 1.1.4. - The VIABLE virtual alternative to Hardware driven systems. Quake Virtual DJ Offers Unrivaled Program Stability, User Friendliness, Speed and function ability than could ever be imagined before. Click Here For A Full Description.

Take A Tour - Please click on an aria of interest in the Consul image below to learn more about the Powerful Quake Virtual DJ Interfaces and utilities.

Main Consul

  • Two Multi Function Streaming Track Play Decks with Forward & Rewind.
  • Intelligent Automatic Track Starts & Auto Panning Between Decks.
  • Streaming Jingle / Sound Byte Deck with 5 configurable favorite Buttons.
  • Manual & Auto Fade over track Play Decks, Supporting fade depth & fade speed adjustments.
  • Powerful & fast Track Searching Capabilities by Genre, Artist or Album name.
  • Extremely flexible And Powerful Automatic Play with four distinctly different play modes.
  • P.F.L. Facilities (Head phone monitoring) operating over all three decks.
  • Three Independent but logically interconnected selection lists, enabling sophisticated and fast filtering of Tracks to Display.
  • Full Function media file importation Management.
  • Powerful Full Function Track / Jingle Data Management supporting Genre, Artist and Album Definition & editing.
  • Full Function Play List Management Supporting Most Requested Lists.
  • Genre, Artist and Album Textual and Graphical Profiling for each and every Track on the Quake Virtual DJ data base.
  • CD Ripping management with direct conversion to Mp3 files.
  • CD Burning (Back up) of tracks within the data base.
  • Advanced Global Track Volume Unification Engine.
  • Comprehensive HTML and Win Help files.
  • ....And Much More.....

Quake Virtual DJ 1.1.4. Consul Display at optimum screen resolution of 1128 x 1024 pixels

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